After the Crash

Series: Small Town Hearts #1
Release Date: November 11, 2019

Straight military men will always be straight, no matter how much you wish otherwise. Ask Marshall, geeky tech billionaire, whose high school crush is his newest employee… and roommate.

Fresh out of the Air Force, Fox’s body is a weapon meant to do Marshall in for good. His toned, taut muscles; strong, broad shoulders; and work-worn hands are a wet dream come to life. The man is irresistible.

And totally off limits.

As a boy, Fox saved Marshall from his high school bullies, but as a man he’s gruff, brooding, and dangerous. Secrets flicker behind his eyes. If Marshall knew what was good for him, he’d leave Fox alone… but there’s something about him that draws Marshall in and crackles in the air when they’re close. A chemistry he can’t deny.

No amount of wishing will ever change a straight man’s mind, but Fox? Marshall’s starting to get the feeling he’s not that straight at all.

After the Crash is the hot and hilarious first book in the Small Town Hearts series, where heroes scattered across the United States find love where they’re least expecting it. All books in the series can be read in any order.

Did you know that After the Crash has a BONUS story "After the Match"?

Now that he's attending college and sharing an apartment with his boyfriend Emilio, Sam Acton's about to gain firsthand appreciation for everything that goes into proper groundskeeping...

After the Match is a hilarious and red-hot companion story to After the Crash (Small Town Hearts Book 1) by Emma Alcott.

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