Bonus Stories

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Now that he’s attending college and sharing an apartment with his boyfriend Emilio, Sam Acton’s about to gain firsthand appreciation for everything that goes into proper groundskeeping…

After the Match is a hilarious and red-hot companion story to After the Crash (Small Town Hearts Book 1) by Emma Alcott.

After leaving Elliston for college, Devon Summers is determined to better his life by focusing on his education and leaving the past behind. But when a familiar face rolls into his life at a frat party, he starts to think that education might not be the end-all, be-all to happiness…

Before the Trip Home is a 10k companion story to Before the Call (Small Town Hearts Book 2) by Emma Alcott.

Mikey tries his best to be a good boy, but sometimes–especially when cake’s involved–he just can’t help but be bad. It’s a good thing Jay loves him so much that he’s willing to forgive Mikey’s flaws… after a little discipline, of course.

During the Party is an age gap, size difference, Daddy/boy, age play companion story to During the Flight (Small Town Hearts Book 3) by Emma Alcott.

In this adrenaline-fueled excerpt from Scott Ryker’s work in progress,
Dread—a hardened criminal looking to break clean from his past—
sets out to rescue Tristan, the young man who’s stolen his heart and
made him want to change his wicked ways.

Tristan & Dread bonus short is bonus content for Bad Boy (Masters of Romance Book 1) by Emma Alcott.

After leaving the Cosgrove family dinner, Nyx and Patrick get up to some “funny business” on the way home in celebration of the publication of their first book.

A steamy bonus chapter to Emma Alcott’s Sweet Thing (Masters of Romance Book 2)!