Sweet Thing Audiobook

Sweet Thing is now available in audio format! Michael Ferraiuolo slays his performance as Nyx and Patrick. I didn’t think the book could be funnier, but he’s gone and proved me wrong in the best way.

Click here to pick up your copy!

Also, pssst… maybe you already know this little secret, but if not, lean in real close and let me tell you all about Whispersync. When a book is Whispersync compatible, it allows the reader to seamlessly switch between the text and audio versions without losing their spot. That means that if you read to chapter three, then want to take the book out on a jog, your device will play the audiobook right where you left off in the ebook without you having to fiddle around with the audio file.

Cool, right?

I think so.

But what I love best about Whispersynced books is that if you own the ebook version or have it actively borrowed via Kindle Unlimited, you can purchase the audiobook for a drastically reduced price—usually $7.49. Most audiobooks come with a $20+ price tag, so Whispersync offers significant savings!

And even if you return the book to free up a slot in your Kindle Unlimited roster, you get to keep the audio for life.


I especially like listening to audiobooks while I’m cleaning, (why are there always so many dishes?!) and while I’m relaxing with old, familiar videos games. Still on the fence? You can try out Sweet Thing for free by activating the free trial of your Audible membership. Find out how by clicking here and following the instructions provided by Audible.

So now that Sweet Thing is out in all formats, what else am I up to?

Keep an eye open for an announcement post this December about a surprise book release coming in early 2022, and of course, for more news about the next Masters of Romance title. You’re not going to want to miss my next cover reveal! (Whew, is it Red Hot…)

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Happy reading (and listening!)